Community Employment Program

The World patriarchal Maronite Foundation for Integral Development launched the Employment Program to respond to the alarming state of Lebanese labor force expatriation and that by supporting and engaging Christian job seekers in public and private sectors employment.

The program taps over:

  • Securing private sector employment for people in need
  • Supporting enrolment of qualified candidates in the 3rd and 4th category of the public jobs


Employment Program in numbers:

  • More than 1400 services provided for employment in public and private sectors
  • 3000 candidates are served
  • 125 sustainable jobs are secured for Christian families
  • Partnered with 190 companies in the private sector
  • Managed 160 job positions  in the private sectors
  • Serves 15 job categories
  • 100 candidates enrolled for the Public Jobs Preparation Program benefited from 21 courses
  • 30 % Success rate in Public Exams.
  • 80 candidates enrolled in the Human Capital Program English & Computer courses.




An initiative to respond to a current dire need of considerable unemployment rate, and that by securing private sector employment for Lebanese Christians. The Program revolves over:

  • Identifying job-seekers and providing assistance through one-to-one coaching sessions and career guidance;
  • Identifying private-sector employers through sustainable partnerships;
  • Connecting job-seekers to matching available job opportunities and prepare them throughout the recruitment process;
  • Human Capacity development of our candidates’ skills in Business English and Computer skills.


We provide our candidates with the opportunity to improve their skills & increase their chances for recruitment


The program aims at promoting sustainable jobs for people in search of decent jobs in Lebanon through:

  • Creating long-term partnership with a large network of stakeholder from private companies, universities, municipalities.
  • Supporting the job seekers in improving their know-how and increasing their chances in recruitment.
  • Providing professional advice / coaching / practices to our stakeholders / partners through special knowledge sharing sessions catered to the Human resources officers and managers.
  • Provide professional support to Human Resources Managers.




The Community Employment Program services target both the job seekers and the hiring entities as follows:


Job Seekers

Private Sector Entities

  • Prepare candidates before, during and after the recruitment process
  • ONE TO ONE coaching & CARREER guidance
  • CONNECT them to matching job opportunities
  • Sustainable Network
  • Establish Partnerships
  • Identify JOB Requirements