Public Jobs Preparation

Guided by the need to support and encourage Lebanese Christians to seek
employment within the Public Sector and by the need for strong and adequate
preparation to successfully compete for such employment ,The World Patriarchal
Maronite Foundation for Integral Development has established the Public Job
Preparation Program (PPP) in partnership with the Notre Dame University-Louaize as a
joint venture for cooperation on recruiting and training potential candidates for
employment within the Public Sector.
“A joint venture with the Notre Dame University-Louaize for the Public Job Preparation
The program is based on enhancing the applicants to join the Public Sector and pass
the exams of the Civil Service Council relevant to vacant positions in all categories,
especially the third and fourth.
The Public Job Preparation Program (PPP) taps into empowering the capacities of the
Christian candidates and increasing their knowledge on the public administration
following their vulnerability in competing at entrance exams.


Goals of the Public Jobs Preparation Program

  • Enhancing the capacity of the Christians to increase their chances of
    successfully passing the entrance exams to the Public Sector for the most
    sought after categories;
  • Providing hands on and practical technical and informational support to
    ensure candidates’ success through strengthening mentoring and coaching
    our candidates.


Who should apply to the Public Jobs Preparation Program?

Candidates wishing to register to the training program need to meet the below

  • Age between 20 and 43;
  • Holding a university degree or equivalent or holding a Bachelor's degree;
  • Language Level equivalent to B2 in the European classification of foreign languages (European Framework for Languages).