Fundraiser Event Organized by Western Sydney University
October 2019

From Lebanon to Australia THANK YOU TO YOU!

Join me in greeting the efforts of our faithful young interns who fulfilled their commitment to our country and our youth in Lebanon.

A fundraiser event organized by Western Sydney University interns to support a bring-back mission they engaged in while visiting Lebanon last summer and completing an internship program at Bank of Beirut as part of the Learning Enterprise Initiative. More than $30,000 are raised. 

Join me in greeting Professor Kathy Tannous at Western Sydney University for her continuous support. A Special Thank you to His Eminence Bishop Tarabay and Mr. Joe Harb from our Australian Chapter who made it all happen.

During their visit to Lebanon, and within the business training they attended at Bank of Beirut, the Australian interns have decided to give back to Lebanon what the country and the people offered them through the Learning Enterprise Initiative. Being sensitive to the youth challenges especially during their social visit to the Cenacle de la Lumiere (CDLL) for rehabilitation from drugs, the interns decided to take in charge the fundraising of the Gymnasium they have visited and which requires major work out as to be operational during winter times. The Gymnasium is the only recreational location for the patients to spend their energy as part of the rehabilitation program they are adhering to.

On October 18 th , while Lebanon was on fire, these young interns have had a fundraising dinner in Australia where 280 persons have attended, they have gathered gifts from sponsors, and they organized the program and were able to collect $30,107.32 for the CDLL.