Why BSEF 2018?

The Bkerke Socio economic Forum is an initiative of the World Patriarchal Maronite Foundation for Integral Development. WPF works under the leadership and blessing of His Beatitude Mar Bechara el Rai. His support and encouragement are the main driving force behind the First Edition of BSEF2018.

BSEF is an open platform for exchanging views and experiences; a bridge between Lebanese Christians across the world and those in the Motherland and aims at exploring ways to strengthen our institutional capacity and to adjust to the new challenges and opportunities facing our community.

Today more than ever we need to band together; today more than ever collective
and sustainable work matters

We look to Bkerke Socio Economic Forum as a regular meeting of dedicated leaders committed to Christian values and engaged to nurturing the flame that continues to shine in the Levant since two thousand years.

BSEF2018 is a unique opportunity to connect our brilliant men and women in order to propel the Country of the Cedars in a new century of trust and hope.