Why BSEF 2019?

“Together we strengthen the roots of our youth”

 We are most privileged and honored to hold our forum for the second consecutive year in the iconic Bkerke, the symbol of Christian presence in the Levant. I warmly express my gratitude to His Beatitude Mar Bechara Boutros Rai for his generous hospitality, but also for his continued unrelenting support. His determined efforts to serve our community are an unceasing source of inspiration. The 2019 Bkerke Socio-Economic Forum theme is: “Together we strengthen the roots of our youth”. During a two-day discussion, we will consider jointly how to leverage our capabilities in an effort to create jobs for our youth and strengthen Christian presence for many years to come. BSEF2019 will feature an engaging program of presentations and panel discussions covering wideranging issues relevant to our economy, from new technologies to manufacturing and agriculture, and from health to creative industry, etc. We will also explore the trends which shape our future and investment opportunities.

 We are extremely proud this year to have prominent speakers from around the world to share their knowledge, inspire discussion and spark debate. All possess a track record of achievements and success and reflect the image of Lebanon we are proud of. At this point in time and despite all challenges, Lebanon remains an international hub for business. Its gifted people with their extensive expansion across the world are truly its major wealth. The core reason behind our mission is to bring them together and get them connected.  It is supposed that connectivity is opportunity. It is indeed an opportunity to discover our values, to connect with families and friends; to locate or offer a job, to embark on a business venture… Yes indeed, Connectivity is what BSEF is all about!

 Vice-President WPF Salim G. Sfeir