Beirut Initiatives

What WPF promised to accomplish within Pharaon Street was achieved

WPF intervention revolved around important initiatives channeling support and responding to the urgent needs of reverting back to normal status.

WPF puts its heart and soul into this project. The objective is to bring back the families in the briefest delays and make the buildings even better from what they used to be before the port explosion.


Beirut Initiatives focused mainly on:

The fast and safe return of the affected families to their homes at Pharaon Street (around 200 families).

The requirements of the 24 small businesses to keep their work operational.

The rehabilitation of the Mar Mikhael church and its heavily affected annexed offices and halls.

The Board of Trustees at WPF has committed to the rehabilitation of the Pharaon Street buildings and has allocated resources and technical expertise to the benefit of WPF Beirut Initiative.

A comprehensive plan is put in action to respond to the urgent need of the affected families

A preliminary assessment study was completed to evaluate the damages and their rehabilitation costs.

A significant element that differentiates WPF from the rest of the organizations is that what WPF promised to accomplish within Pharaon Street was achieved.

Within three months, the work has been completed in its largest majority, leaving the remaining finishing to the last three months.