November 2020

During these challenging times, WPF is taking action to support our vulnerable Christian communities. The foundation launched “Together We Stand – سوى لنبقى” program* to meet the escalating needs of our community and help the families strive to keep a smile on the faces of their children.

 Our Christian families are pushing to survive while refusing to surrender to humiliation and always managing to keep standing in front of their children and pretending their life is in order. For those families, WE STAND AS ONE! 

WPF disbursed 6,000 supermarket prepaid cards worth of 100,000 LBP each to families in need for a certain period.

We count on your active contribution to expand the program outreach for a minimum period of 6 Months and to more families whose lives have been turned upside down due to the deteriorating economic situation.

You are invited to stand by the side of your fellows in humanity and help ease the burden of a family struggling to put food on the table. DONATE the amount of your choice above and be e assured, your contribution will provide enough groceries to get a family through the end of the month.

Together We Stand and together we protect our community from adverse conditions. Help us bring back the smile to our children and contribute to WPF Campaign in feeding families in need.

“Together We Stand – سوى لنبقى” program benefits low-income working families that fall under the program’s predefined criteria and that don’t benefit from the National Poverty Targeting program dedicated to the neediest families.

For more information please contact us +961 1 493830 - +961 76 845235.

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