Sawa La Tebaa Beirut
August 2020

WPF is standing by the families affected by the Beirut explosion living in the surrounding of the Mar Mikhael Church ensuring they are back to their homes in briefest delays.

Donate to assist with WPF’s emergency response in Lebanon and help those impacted by the Beirut blast.

The huge blast that struck the Lebanese capital city on August 4, brought into sharp focus the need for the international community to step up and help Lebanon and its people. The disaster is overwhelming the country already dealing with an economic crisis and the corona virus pandemic.

WPF with faithful friends are working together to support affected families in Beirut, survivors of the massive explosion in Beirut’s port.

The most-affected areas were Gemayzeh and Mar Mikhael, which face the port and are known for their historical buildings.

WPF vows to bring back the affected families to their own homes at Pharaon street (Mar Mikhael district) after repairing them and providing the necessary to have them comfortably resettled.

You are invited to stand by the side of our compatriots and contribute to ease the burden of the families that are doing their utmost to keep their life in order and pretending it is all well.

Beirut needs you! Please donate to rebuild our beloved city!