Oxygen Concentrator Distribution By WPF
"I wanted to be my own boss, I wanted to work and build something for us" Mrs. Layal Bou Abdo
"We have to see and seek the opportunity of change as women"Dr.Maguy Chiha
" لازم نضلّ ناضل لأن البلد بحاجة إلنا و نحن وجه التغيير" د. فيفي كلاّب
Women's Day 2021
World NGO Day
2020 The Ever Changing Year
WPF organized a long festive day at Pharaon Street - Mar Mikhayel
Sawa La Tebaa Beirut
Against All Odds
Tribute to every woman who strives to survive. Tribute to every woman who strives to achieve.
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