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Bet Rafqa , Elderly house, Jrebta-Baroun

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Bet Rafqa , Elderly house, Jrebta-Baroun

Owner: Ordre Des Religieuses Libanaises Maronites - Beit Rafqa


We are committed to providing a happy, healthy and fulfilling experience for the elderly

Beit Rafqa was founded by a host of generous individuals who wanted to give a better opportunity to the elderly in need. The organization was built around the purpose of providing a happy, healthy and fulfilling experience to the elderly and serve them with respect and dignity. 

The idea of Beit Rafqa was built around offering these less-fortunate ones the same quality of living a person with decent income can retire to. It is only with a financial model like that of Beit Rafqa that such a goal is achievable; whereby the income earned from a paying residents is used to cover the cost of their accommodation and the surplus goes to support the disadvantaged and give them the opportunity to live under the same roof of quality and equality.

Within one year of operation, Beit Rafqa has positioned itself as a leader in elderly care in Lebanon. The choice of elderly care was based on multiple reasons; the continuous surge in life expectancy at birth, the alarming increase in dependency ratio and the lack of elderly homes with a hospitality touch that makes a person feel at home.

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