The first step toward a better future is access to education.

The educational system based on excellence is one of the factors that distinguishes Lebanon. It was built with time passing by, hundreds of years ago, taking its roots with foreign missionaries and through the work of Maronite and Christian schools. A leading country in the Middle East even the whole world in education, Lebanon’s identity is not what it is without its schools and universities.

We, at the World Patriarchal Foundation (WFP), are aware of this Lebanese excellence and strive to perverse it despite the multiple crisis currently affecting the country.

We launched the Education Program which is an investment initiative to ensure quality education for children seeking a better future despite the challenges faced by their families.

The World Patriarchal Foundation (WFP) intervention taps at two levels: On one hand, we strive to improve the educational experience of the most vulnerable children by providing them with a range of e-learning devices and on the other hand we help families in need pay tuition so their kids have access to quality education.