AI Technology's Extensive Workforce Demands

Artificial Intelligence for a better employability 

WPF explored Artificial Intelligence with a group of young men and women aged between 18 and 25 years. This was possible thanks to the partnership with dot. Lebanon whose experts provided a two-weeks training in data clearing and image annotation. The sessions introduced the participants, all computer savvy, to the many new horizons of Artificial Intelligence so they become more competitive on the job market. This training increases the chances of young people finding employment.

Talking about his experience, Joey, 19 years old, university student, said : “During the training, we put theory into practice. We worked on fifteen projects related to data clearing and image annotation. I have never taken these courses in university so it was very useful for me. We had to work on details and on accuracy”.

Clarita, 20 years old, a university student as well, added: “I learned during this training, data annotation and classification. Even though I am computer savvy, I did not know these programs. They are very useful and require a lot of patience and precision. We had to annotate images and that was very interesting. What I learned will help me in my work later, no doubt about it”.