Empower Women the Digital Way

Nothing beats the joy that comes with a celebration; what if this celebration is very special because it praises women?

This year's International Women's Day had a unique vibe; WPF decided to take the celebration to the next level by dedicating the day to empowering 41 women-led businesses in digital technology and skills.

A full interactive day was devoted to promoting these female-led businesses on digital platforms, as well as providing them with hands-on tips and tools to assist with building their social media presence.

Experienced trainers offered their services to provide knowledge of digital marketing and help these women build a prosperous and successful business.

The event concluded with an inspiring panel featuring four prominent women who have led their way through life's calamities, demonstrating their strength and determination to overcome stigma and thrive for equity.

The International Women's Day provides an opportunity for the world, and the WPF in particular, to raise awareness about the community-level leadership and social change that women can play.

#Embrace Equity #IWD2023