BSEF 2018

Since its origin, our motherland Lebanon has been a beacon of freedom and democracy in a fairly non-democratic part of the world. Despite turbulent conditions and radical changes it remained a land of freedom and dialogue between cultures and religions.

Bkerke Socio Economic Forum comes at a time of many changes and challenges in Lebanon and across the globe. It should prompt us to reflect on the best ways to deal with these challenges and together explore opportunities for engagement and support to our community.

We have to build and strengthen the Lebanese Connection that unites Lebanese Christian from all walks of life and in all countries.

The forum comes at a time grouped business leaders from around the globe with records of success, considerable experience and attached to the country of the Cedars for a two-day conference in Bkerke to share our thoughts and views on the following themes:

- Leveraging the power and potential of the Lebanese Christians around the World.

- Exploring projects and opportunities to support Christian presence in Lebanon.

BSEF2018 is a unique opportunity to connect our brilliant men and women in order to propel the Country of the Cedars in a new century of trust and hope.