The Socio-Economic Forum, BSEF2021, convenes in Bkerke for the third time, under the title “Together for Lebanon: The Bicentennial,” amidst harsh conditions which our country is going through. The Lebanese, appalled to see the situation in which they have found themselves, are enduring, as officials hurl accusations at one another, and act arrogantly, abstaining from fulfilling their most elemental duties towards their people.

BSEF's main theme focused on the emergency to face the second century with a complete faith in Lebanon, the nation’s trust and the righteous forefathers’ mission ancestors, “under the cassock” of the holder of Bkerke’s top ecclesiastical rank, His Eminence and Beatitude Patriarch-Cardinal Rai.

Prominent figures of judges, businessmen, lawyers were amongst the audience that came to stand in support of His Beatitude the Patriarch, President of WPF and support the Christian community and Bkerke's perseverance in spreading the message of hope to all its people.

BSEF’s program was enriched by distinguished speakers that exposed a series of allocations and interventions of great importance to our community where the Philokalia Choir honored our guests with prayers and chants.

His Beatitude Patriarch Bechara Boutros Rai gave a speech in which he said: "Behold, Bkerke's role, namely, to remain a beacon of hope, to keep on its endeavor, preserving the country and its fellows. While Dr. Sfeir’s allocation, focused on the importance of diaspora: “Within the framework of this bleak picture comes the important, interventionist role of the Lebanese Diaspora, in response to a dire need for giving succor to us in our vital, life-saving projects.”

WPF Director Patricia R. Sfeir. Presented the annual activities for WPF.

The Forum concluded with a main message to disseminate among others stating:

“Emphasis is for continuing the work together for the sake of Lebanon, the homeland - to overcome the challenges that our people are facing.”